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Scientific name: Eugenia caryophyllus


Clove - nails

  • Flash point:> 100 ° C

  • Colour: yellow to light brown

  • Distillation complete cloves (bud)

Clove - leaf

  • Flash point: 85 ° C

  • Spicy and pungent fragrance smell the woody facet.

  • Colorless to yellow

  • Complete distillation of the leaves

Clove - claw

  • Flash point: 80 ° C

  • Odour spicy fragrance with a woody facet piqante.

  • Colorless to yellow

  • Distillation complete claws


Current capacity

We operate several plantations located in the East of Madagacar.
With minimum 2 500 kilos production of essential oil of Clove merge (nails, leaf, claw).


The antiseptic and anesthetic properties of these flower buds are recognized for a long time and proposed in dental pain.


It enters the composition kohl, originally ophthalmic ointment.


In the kitchen, it is present in the gingerbread, biscuits mixed with cinnamon, pot-au-feu, pickles, sauerkraut, and it is essential to most curries.


In some countries such as Tunisia, it is used in infusion with tea.


It serves as a fragrance as "apple of amber" which is produced by pricking the entire surface of an orange with cloves.


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  • Acts against dental pain, (great care to be taken to the application)

  • Purifying

  • Soothing

  • Physical stimulant

  • Insect repellent

Analysis of the laboratory

You will find thereafter, the detailed analysis of a sample of Clove essential oil made by an independant laboratory. There might be some variations depending on the productions, nevertheless we always keep an excellent quality level.

Essential oil