Scientific Name:
Zingiber officinale

  • Flash point: 72 ° C

  • Pungent smell lemony

  • Pale yellow to amber

  • Distillation of the root taken from the plant after flowering


Current capacity

We operate a plantation located in the Center of Madagacar 
We can reach a minimum production of 500 kg of essential oil of Ginger.


  • BOOSTS the immune system.

  • Anti-inflammatory and antiviral : helps fight against fever , influenza and allergies States.

  • Relieves pain (headaches, rules, digestive spasms, gastric disorders).

  • Strong antioxidant properties.


Ginger is a tropical herbaceous perennial plant of about 0.90 m high after a rhizome.


The evergreen leaves are lance-shaped, biseriate long and fragrant.


The flowers are white and yellow dotted with red lips, the bracts are green and yellow.


After flowering, a short axillary spike enclosing the black seeds enclosed in capsules trivalves appears after a stem covered with scales.


It enjoys a sunny exposure and a humid atmosphere.


Growth is rapid and Propagation is by division of rhizomes.


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Analysis of the laboratory

You will find thereafter, the detailed analysis of a sample of Ginger essential oil made by an independant laboratory. There might be some variations depending on the productions, nevertheless we always keep an excellent quality level.

Essential oil