About us

Our mission is to produce different varieties of essential oils obtained by distilling plants, like the Ginger ou the Ylang-Ylang but also some sedentaries plants like the Ravintsara. We work in a collaborative approach, respecting the environment and always guarantee an excellent quality of our products.

Leader in the production of essential oils in Madagascar , we deliver more than 40 tons of essential oils per year worldwide.

Our mission

We provide cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical companies in staple of essential oils made in Madagascar.

We permanently follow the production and minute as much information each distillation to foster useful innovation.

We promise to deliver all our orders within the requested time while maintaining an excellent level of quality.





Our organization

We have several production sites (seven,  see map opposite) of essential oils distributed in the four corners of Madagascar. Nicknamed the Big island, it covers an area as big as France and Belgium combined. Our seven production sites are near to the plantations in order to optimize the quality of our essential oils.

Our logistic platform is located in the capital city, at 10 minutes from the international airport, Ivato.

We provide air and sea shipments.

Our know-how


The majority of essential oils are obtained by low pressure steam distillation without using a chemical descaler.


In this process, the steam crosses a tank filled with aromatic plants. The steam extracts the plant essence to form a homogeneous gas mixture. At the tank outlet and under controlled pressure, the essential oil-enriched steam crosses a coil and condenses. The liquid ends up in the essencier (Florentine vase) where the essential oil has a density that is lower than that of water.

They trust us

We deliver our essential oils everywhere in the world.

You will find adjacent a list of our clients.