Scientific Name:

Cymbopogon martinii var. Motia

  • Flash point: 93 ° C

  • Scented, recalls the fragrance of the essential oil of damask rose

  • Colorless to yellow

  • Complete distillation of thin sheets


Current Capacity
We operate a plantation located in the South West of Madagacar 

We can reach a minimum production of 500 kg of essential oil of Palmarosa.


  • Immune stimulant.

  • Anti-infectious : antibacterial and antiviral , antifungal

  • Skin cell stimulating.

  • Stimulation of blood and lymphatic circulation.


Herb tropical regions that grows in clumps of herbaceous large sizes up to 3 meters, is part of the great family of citronella.


Rhizome leave large very aromatic leaves linear lanceolate soon as the crumples. The inflorescence panicle turns red when ripe and contains more gasoline.

Frequently cultivated in tropical countries.


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Analysis of the laboratory

You will find thereafter, the detailed analysis of a sample of Palmarosa essential oil made by an independant laboratory. There might be some variations depending on the productions, nevertheless we always keep an excellent quality level.

Essential oil