Our commitments:

We provide products for the aromatherapy or the perfumery or even for food. Hence we have the duty to provide products of an irreproachable quality.

First of all, we proceed to the distillation of plants (flowers, barks) just after the harvest, to obtain an oil of a big freshness. To be possible, we arrange several production sites near the places of harvest.

Organic certification

Our essential oil is 100 % pure and natural, total and complete. Furthermore they are certifiable biological:

Certification products resulting from organic agriculture (contrôle Certisys BE-BIO-01)

Then an independent laboratory makes the complete analysis of a stemming sample of various distillation to maintain an excellent quality level. It also allows us to obtain information to optimize, and innovate our methods of production.

Quality Control

Each of our essential oils are analyzed and chemotyped by an independent laboratory which then delivers a certificate of analysis. These analysis are realized by using a gas chromatograph and a mass spectrometer .

Chromatography :


Gas phase chromatography is carried out using a sophisticated device that enables the identification of the aromatic molecules present in an essential oil (up to 450 aromatic molecules). The graph provided by the chromatograph includes a series of peaks. Each peak represents a very specific aromatic molecule that is identified by software.


Spectrometer :


The mass spectrometer determines the relative proportion of each of the aromatic molecules of an essential oil (quantitative composition).

Mass spectrometer of essential oil of Cinnamon
You can download here the analysis of the essential oil of Cinnamon (only in french).